Reading Room

This page offers information and links to supplementary readings that the Quality Milk Alliance Team has identified as worthwhile for farmers, veterinarians, students and others who are interested in producing Quality Milk.


Managing Employees

Motivating Employees – This brief guide from the Wall Street Journal offers a clear and concise explanation of the two management styles, Theory X and Theory Y, in terms of how to motivate employees.

BSR Migrant Worker Management Toolkit: A Global Framework – International consulting organization BSR developed this toolkit from its work in Malaysia. The color-coded Recommended Steps provide a useful framework for addressing a variety of issues.

Issues in Improving Immigrant Workers’ English Language Skills – Communication is key in managing employees, and the Center for Adult English Language Acquisition offers insight into the dynamics and challenges in promoting English in the workplace.

Understanding the Safety and Health Needs of Your Workplace: Migrant Workers: A guide for employers – The Department of Commerce for the Government of Western Australia included a checklist of issues of importance to migrant workers in this handout.